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Solutions for SharePoint Modern

Coming soon! Custom view formatting for SharePoint lists and libraries without having to write JSON!

Simple BI for everyone. Simple, stunning charts driven by data in SharePoint lists and libraries.

Coming soon! View documents in a business context that make sense to users.

Search Scoped Web Part
Add an search box to any modern page and allow users to set scope of where and what they are searching for.

Kaboodle Announce
Manage SharePoint news and events using channels, dialogs with conditional formatting and custom graphics.

Site Pages Breadcrumb Web Part
Set up hierarchical relationships between site pages to provide simple navigation between them.

The Kaboodle Branding Package
Apply custom navigation, page headers and footers to site collections, hubs or all sites in your entire tenancy.

Sun Smart Web Part
Displays UV weather information for capital cities in Australia. This solution is free.

Add-ins for SharePoint Online

Word to Wiki Online
Publish Word documents as SharePoint wiki pages at the click of a button! We offer a free version called Word to Wiki Online (Lite).

Sharepoint On-Premises Solutions

Word to Wiki (On-Premises)
Publish Word documents as SharePoint wiki pages at the click of a button!

Alt Login
Log in as a different user from the SharePoint UI. This solution is free.

Solution Manager
Management of SharePoint Farm solutions through an simple and intuitive Windows Forms application. This solution is free.

Licensing for SharePoint Modern Solutions

Some SharePoint Framework (SPFx) solutions are free but for those which require a license, a single product license allows for the use of all of our SPFx solutions for SharePoint Modern by all users in your tenancy for a low, fixed annual cost, based on the number of licensed users.

Prices start from an amazing $333 (USD) pre tenancy/year* and remember that's not for each product but for all SharePoint Online and O365 products currently available, all upgrades and for all new products we release in the future!

*Based on micro sized organization (10 seats or less) with NFP and new customer discounts applied.

Licensing for SharePoint Addin Solutions

Due to changes in the way that Microsoft license 3rd party solution we no longer collect license fees through the AppSource market place.

Moving forward, addins that require a paid license, will be included in our license for SharePoint Modern solutions. So, a single low cost annual license fee covers you for everything we build for SharePoint Online and O365!

Licensing for SharePoint Farm Solutions

The only SharePoint On-Premises solution for which we currently charge a license fee is Word to Wiki. The cost is based on the number of Web Front End (WFE) servers in your production envirionment. Word to Wiki can be used in other envrionments (Dev, Test or DR etc.) for no additional cost.

Word to Wiki licenses are perpetual but product upgrade and technical support can be renewed annually at 20% of license costs. If you need to purchase or renew a Word to Wiki On-Premises license, please contact us directly.

All other full-trust farm solutions are prodvides for free and can be used without a license.